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To add your link to the directory, fill in the form below. Note that all websites must fit the guidelines of the directory as outlined here. Use the update form if you need to update your information - you won't be able to submit anything here. If the form is giving you problems, please email me with the information from this form. If any of the guidelines are not met you will recieve an email detailing the reasons for the rejection.

Name, email, website title/URL, content rating, and country are required. (Your email address is only used to retrieve your records and communicate with you about your status - it won't be shown on the directory.) You can optionally provide a button link if you like. Please also provide a short description of your site as well as listing any of these features that apply:

(click here to expand)
  • Font toggles
  • Animation toggles
  • Dark/light mode toggles
  • Layout switcher
  • Partially responsive (for sites that function on 800x600 screens)
  • Fully responsive
  • Zoom friendly (for sites that function up to 200% zoom)
  • Mobile alternative
  • JS enabled or disabled (for sites that do/don't require Javascript to be enabled for some accessibility features, note: do NOT use the word Javascript in the form or it won't submit, only JS)
  • Anything else you feel is important to mention!

You can look at the Directory page for examples of what other members have written.

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