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Accessible Net Directory

Rules and Guidelines for Accessible Sites!

Section one of the guidelines is mandatory for all sites listed on the directory. They ensure user safety and are basic accessibility steps everyone should be taking. Click on each item to understand their significance and learn how to apply them to your own site. (for keyboard users: skip directly to section two)

Section two of the guidelines covers accessibility features that may require additional effort or may not apply in some cases. As such, these are heavily suggested, but not immediately mandatory. However, we ask that anyone joining the directory not settle for doing the "bare minimum" Again, no site will ever be 100% perfectly accessible, but it's important that we still make an active effort towards making indie web spaces more inclusive to people with all needs. (for keyboard users: go back directly to section one)

Note: Sites made by TERFS, MRA's, and all other people who devalue groups such as LGBT people, women, people of color, sex workers, and other vulnerable groups need not apply. Sites containing illegal and immoral content such as the sexualization of minors and romanticization of abuse, or supporters of that content are also not allowed.

Still confused about any of these requirements or want to know more about accessibility as a whole? Check out our Resources page where you can find all the links from this page and more or reach out to the admin through any listed methods of contact.