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Accessible Net


All members of the directory fit the standards of our guidelines, filters for specific features incoming JS = Javascript.

A cabinet of curiosities, with a particular but not exclusive focus on European Disneyana. Responsive site with CSS dark/light mode . Animated gifs are either behind a warning or replaced with static alternatives with the prefers-reduced-motion media feature. Mostly zoom-friendly. Only a tiny bit of non-necessary JS for frills.

A diary of a lady's misadventures in two worlds. Has: automatic light and dark mode, zoom friendly , responsive and mobile-friendly layout, and semantic HTML.


My little home for my art (SFW), my fanfiction (NSFW), and my many miscellaneous interests! Fully responsive, Dark/Light mode switch, non-essential JS features.

Both blog and digital garden. Themes include: Education, Tech Lite, Life, Psychology and Journaling. Flexible navigation options, detailed image captions & collectives galore!

A personal website created from scratch. Contains a commissioned art gallery, information pages for my OCs, a collection of music I've made, personal writings, and some coding projects. Conformant (as far as I know) to WCAG 2.1 AA. Fully responsive, dark/light mode, no animation, zoom friendly, requires JS.

My digital garden for experimenting with web design and showcasing my thoughts and interests! Most pages support two color themes and can be viewed in reader mode. Tested natively for viewing across the three major browser engines, and looks great on any screen size.

Personal website with a sporadically-active blog. Art, web resources, and lots of unsolicited commentary! Fully responsive, 200% zoom friendly, no animations, CSS light/dark mode. Functional without JS, but has optional JS styleswitcher.

50% personal site, 50% resource and graphics archive, and 100% cringe (affectionate)! This site houses the shrines, essays, and soul of the webmaster! 200% zoom friendly, GIF toggles using JS , partially responsive.

Articles, stories, poetry, music, and more from an internet owl. Fully responsive with automatic dark/light modes, zoom friendly design, and JS-free functionality. All pages function without JS enabled and should work even in a terminal web browser.

My cute little personal website!
Fully responsive and mobile friendly, 200% zoom friendly, font switcher and animation toggles requires JS but otherwise site functions fine and has alternatives in place.

A personal website with pixel art, free dithering brushes, anime style artwork, a blog, vegan recipes, and links and resources.

Graphic design portfolio site with a blog, resources page, and offering web accessibility testing services.

My personal website! Contains art, resources, a blog, poetry, and probably more coming soon. Features: font toggles, GIF toggles, should be fully responsive, mostly zoom friendly, JS enabled for GIF toggles and font toggle but most things on the website should work without it.

A personal site that includes my creative work and other fun stuff! Features include: dark/light mode, fully responsive, zoom friendly, flashing GIFs hidden behind a warning.

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