Update Log

9/15/2023 Update

Did some fiddling around with the no-js version of the sites page and added more buttons, also fixed the layouts for the pages I BELIEVE let me know if you see anything janky.

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9/12/2023 Update

Accessible Net Directory is up and running! Go check it out!

9/5/2023 Update

Fixed the site breaking on zoom! Wahoo! Also uploaded a new video spotlight, check it out!

8/21/2023 Update

Overwrote my latest updates like a dummy! I'll try to sum it up quickly. 1. I've almost fully moved to leprd.space and am now redirecting from neocities 2. i have implemented play/pause animation toggles on the sites and graphics pages, and set it to redirect anyone with javascript disabled to a non-js version of the sites. That should be all, bye!

8/15/2023 Update

Added a splash page and updated the sites page, planning to add a javascript version of the page that has freezeframe js that then redirects to a no-js version if someone has js disanled., but it's just the no-js version for now. Going to make the official move to Leprd soon as well.

8/14/2023 Update

On lack of accessibility in “web revival” spaces

I started to notice a pattern among the websites around Neocities that I looked at. Flashing images everywhere, buttons that read "NEVER mobile friendly" or "just use a computer!", people writing in leetspeak or like Homestuck characters. If you took a look at someone's code, there was a pretty good chance there wouldn't be a semantic element in sight, and hardly any alt text.

8/13/2023 Update

Added an actual RSS feed to the top of this log, as well one for my blog which is now linked on the main page. Also added a way for people using keyboard controls to skip to the main content. Fiddling with moving image toggles but it's a bit iffy so I'm sticking with hiding them under a details element for now. Planning on putting up a splash page and moving to leprd soon as well.

8/10/2023 Update

pinkvampyr.neocities.org is officially FULLY RESPONSIVE AND MOBILE FRIENDLY!!! Nav bar now switches to a toggle-able menu on smaller screens and layout rearranges. Also, rentry pages have been linked at the bottom for more info about the website, and the sitemap is also on a rentry page (for now.)

8/3/2023 Update

Got rid of the chatbox.

8/2/2023 Update

Added more webrings and listings to the sites page, also added a video spotlight to the main page, check it out!

7/30/2023 Update

Added an about page with contact info.


Journal Entry #3

Therapist said I seemed really happy and she's never seen me smile this much before. It's true! I am happy. Like I said, this is the first thing in a long time that's made me feel confidence in myself to the point where negative thoughts aren't sticking.


Journal Entry #2

It's kind of incredible how easily I can come up with ways to dismiss people's compliments on my website, usually something along the lines of "It's not that impressive because it wasn't really that hard." or "I was only able to do it because I got help or followed a guide."

7/17/2023 Update

ACK I accidentally deleted a bunch of updates from previous days. Okay. To sum up: I have added a new button (thank you macaque on neocities i love it so much), i have a custom cursor thats a cute little bat, I added more links and changed some of them to dropdowns for more links, some of them are still broken but the button wall/webring page is now up although unfinished, added a credit to my icon, and i BELIEVE that's it. PHEW!


Journal Entry #1

I'm still brimming with pride in myself for making my website, it's something I haven't felt this strongly in a long time.


Listen to Trans Bisexuals Masterpost

Below is a list of articles and Tumblr posts discussing bisexuality and biphobia, centering trans bisexuals. If you have not seen this post or did not follow me you should know that many of these are meant to disprove harmful ideas about bisexuality and trans people, including those perpetuated as a result of the pansexual label becoming more mainstream.

7/13/2023 Update

Blog and guestbook links are now up, other links are also fixed but the pages are unfinished still.

7/11/2023 Update

First update ever yay!!! Web page is up and running, everything is switched from flex to grid, added a newsection underneath the main one where I will put a short bio, added a chatbox, added boxes for statuses and updates (hii), and that's pretty much it for now. Links are still all broken but I'll work on those soon.